Established in 1895 as Shelby County Abstract Company, Ouren Title, Inc. is now owned by Randy Ouren in Harlan, Iowa.  Ouren Title, Inc. has seen many changes over the decades, but one thing never waivers; the company’s dedication to providing superior Title and Abstracting services to it’s customers.


Ouren Title, Inc. has been a member of the Iowa Land Title Association (ILTA) since 1947, having two staff members act as President of that organization; previous owner, H.W. (Bud) Ouren and previous Office Manager, Geralyn Greer.  Both Bud and Geralyn served ILTA in numerous capacities including sitting on the Board of Directors, members of the School Committee,  Plant Inspection Committees, the Standards Committee, and Editor of the “Title News” newsletter. Active participation in ILTA continues to be vital to Ouren Title, Inc. and its continued success as an abstracting company.


The company has also seen many new faces throughout the years.  A family owned business since 1946, we are currently led by Randy Ouren.  Michelle Raine is the company's Office Manager. Michelle joined Ouren Title in March 2012. Her 8 years of experience as a Title Searcher and Manager of a Title Search company provided a solid foundation for her current position. She is eager to continue expanding her participation in the ILTA. Michelle has earned the designation of Certified Land Title Professional (CLTP) from the ILTA. The Iowa Land Title Association Certified Land Title Professional Program is a series of educational courses for title industry professionals. The program encompasses basic industry knowledge as well as advanced curriculum. All courses are considered graduate level courses and require a 90% pass rate.


The newest member of the Ouren Title, Inc. team is Taryn Knapp  who has been with the company since April 2012. Taryn worked as a certified nurse's aide for 5 years prior. Taryn does a little bit of everything, ensuring all new indexes are entered into the company's ever expanding Title Plant. She is also the first to greet you in person or on the phone and has been abstracting for more than a year. She is currently pursuing the ILTA CLTP designation, having passed two of the four required classes: the Chain of Title Course One: Voluntary Alienation and the Legal Descriptions Course.


​Ouren Title, Inc. is proud of its history and of the continued services it provides to its customers.  Having gone from the days of carbon paper and typewriters to the present marvels of modern technology, our goal is to evolve as the field evolves in order to sustain and provide the highest quality services and assistance to the customers we serve.


Michelle Raine

Office Manager; Iowa Land Title Association Certified Land Title Professional

Taryn Knapp